Bridging the digital divide

Delivering hybrid solutions with ultrafast, gigabit capable and 5G ready connectivity


Prioritising efficient and modern connectivity

Through it's investment in SWS Broadband and Cadence Networks, Global Connectivity PLC is prioritising high speed connectivity within rural communities through the implementation of hybrid infrastructure that will bridge the gap between deep rural and urban edges. With the continual advancements in wireless technologies, its hybrid solutions will deliver ultrafast, gigabit capable and 5G ready connectivity into deep rural communities in a scalable and efficient manner. Global Connectivity PLC is prioritising rural connectivity whilst creating a blueprint for deep rural communities across the UK.

It is also looking to invest in other opportunities where technology can assist communication in a commercial way.


Around 2% of UK premises cannot access a decent fixed broadband service

Our Companies

G-CON holds a 15% share of these two companies

G-CON is a shareholder of SWS Broadband and Cadence Networks. SWS Broadband a UK-based internet service provider that offers reliable broadband solutions to rural areas, whilst Cadence Networks is a provider of enterprise-level IT and networking solutions.


Cadence Networks